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Today’s pace of innovation and technology advancements is unprecedented. AI/ML technology is impacting every walk of life, and it needs quality DATA. Engineering simulation applications that help generate high-fidelity data are unable to exploit increasingly cheap and widely available large computing resources. Simulation applications are on the critical path and are slowing the pace of innovation. Async is developing revolutionary solvers that are 100-fold faster than the state-of-art solvers today. Async solvers not only speedup large applications, but also small to medium workloads, alike, that account for significant component of computing server time around the world.

About Us

About Async Computing

We are an early stage technology startup company that is developing an advanced new generation solvers for CAE, Energy and Weather Modeling workloads on HPC.

Computations under the patented solver are not communication bound and helps execute large compute throughput at a faster pace even on limited bandwidth or high latency communication networks. 

Innovate on Demand

Enable businesses to exploit scalable computing resources to run their applications faster and innovate. The solvers help businesses to respond to changing market needs or absorb uncertainty and help deliver projects, always on time.

Work Smarter

Solvers helps reduce the simulation costs on fixed on-premise infrastructure by upto 30%. With faster design iterations and high compute throughput per employee, they also help improve productivity of the workforce.

Improve ROI

Async solvers empower businesses to create better products, at a lower price and reach the market faster than the competition. As a result, businesses enjoy significant competitive advantage in the market place leading to higher ROI.


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If this technology interests you. If this would help your business serve your customers better. We would like to talk to you. 

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